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Problem: You work as a spreadsheet specialist for Katie?s Kicks, which has four regional shops in the sta

Problem: You work as a spreadsheet specialist for Katie’s Kicks, which has four regional shops in the state of Florida. Your manager has asked you to develop a first quarter revenue analysis similar to the one shown in Figure 1–75.

Perform the following tasks:

1. Run Excel and create a new blank workbook. Enter the worksheet title, Katie’s Kicks, in cell A1 and the worksheet subtitle, First Quarter Revenue Analysis, in cell A2. Beginning in row 4, enter the region data shown in Table 1– 7

Sneakers Shoes Sandals Accessories Miscellaneous

72714.58 45052.23 77630.94 65423.73 55666.92

77627.29 69165.66 78684.24 77690.69 78618.97

76607.31 76243.41 56601.25 58383.67 47317.09

49008.32 84844.01 72716.68 54433.07 68594.40

2. Create totals for each region, product, and company grand total.

 3. Format the worksheet title with the Title cell style. Center the title across columns A through F.

4. Format the worksheet subtitle to 16-point Calibri Light, and change the font color to Blue-

Gray, Text 2. Center the subtitle across columns A through F.

5. Use Cell Styles to format the range A4:F4 with the Heading 3 cell style, the range B4:F4 with

the Accent1 cell style, and the range A10:F10 with the Total cell style.

6. Center the column titles in row 4. Apply the accounting number format to the ranges B5:F5 and

B10:F10. Apply the comma style format to the range B6:F9. Adjust any column widths to the

widest text entry in each column.

7. Select the ranges B4:E4 and B10:E10 and then insert a 3-D pie chart. Apply the Style 3 chart

style to the chart. Move the chart to a new worksheet named Revenue Analysis Chart. Change

the chart title to First Quarter Revenue Analysis.

8. Rename the Sheet1 tab, First Quarter, and apply the Green color to the sheet tab.

9. If requested by your instructor, change the font color of the text in cells A1 and A2 to the color

of the shirt you currently are wearing.

10. Save the workbook using the file name, Lab 1-1 Katie’s Kicks.

11. Preview and print the worksheet in landscape orientation.

12. If you wanted to chart the item totals instead of the regions, which ranges would you use to 

create the chart?

13. Submit the assignment as specified by your instructor.

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